Virginia and North Carolina… Great weather, and great beaches!

After traveling to the nations capitol, we headed south to Virginia.  It was a first to see a cotton field, I can honestly say I’ve never seen one before, but learned (from mom’s research) that a lot of states grow cotton, with Texas being the #1 US grower.

WP_20141029_002 WP_20141029_001

While in Virginia mom and dad took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  The township runs as if it was in the 1800’s with everything built within the city as it was done in OLDEN times!  🙂



The reading of the Declaration of Independence in progress.


Our next stop was Virginia Beach which was nice and warm for the most part, but there were a TON of stickers on the ground that kept getting stuck on my feet.  Luckily mom was there to pull them out, and I gave her a kiss each time she did.  She was a savior (bless her soul).

Heading south we made it to Durham NC to visit a friend of dad’s.  I loved where we stayed as there was a ton of hiking…and we all know how much I love to hike (and chase squirrels).


This is picture #5… mom kept moving me into the sunlight and I was tired of posing!


In Durham… taps outside – no beer coming from them, but they were still cool.


Sleeping at Paul’s while everyone watched the Seahawks beat the Giants.

From Durham we traveled even further south to Carolina Beach – near Wilmington.  We were once again blessed with great weather and enjoyed more hiking and even a day on the beach.

WP_20141112_006 WP_20141112_001

Mom and Dad took a trip to see Battleship NC on Veteran’s Day.


We’ve had a wonderful trip so far and been very lucky with the weather.  We are still headed south as the sun keeps calling our names.  I hear it’s almost freezing up there in Seattle these days… bring on more sunshine!

Maryland and DC

Our travels have taken us from Seattle to Maine, and now down the eastern coast.  We had a weekend stop in New Jersey and although it is known as the Garden State, it was not a favorite state of ours.  So we headed to Maryland where we stayed 20 miles from our nations capitol, but in the forest with plenty of hiking!


A swampy area on one of our hikes.


On one of the trails we hiked… there were squirrels there!


After one of our very long hikes… time for a nap.

Although I got a lot of walks in, the parents did leave us a couple of times to visit the busy city of DC.  There was so much to see and do and even a theme park to visit.  It was one of my favorite places so far.


The White House…


Stu staring at the Lincoln Memorial.


The Washington Monument.