Billings… will we ever leave?

As it happens, Harvey is just not going to make the entire trip with us.  We finally found out the REAL issue, his engine just isn’t big enough for the rig and he’s not able to tow ANYTHING.  So we stopped in Billings, MT to find another rig to continue the journey…. everyone meet MADISON (or Madi for short).  IMG_1516  She’s a bit bigger than Harvey (34 ft vs. 29 ft) and she has slideouts to make the inside bigger!  We already love her.

Before we could take Madi home with us, Harvey took us on one last trip to Big Horn Canyon where we camped, swam, and hiked for 3 days.  We stayed in Crow Country (the Crow Indians) and learned a little about their culture while seeing some amazing sites.

IMG_0035 IMG_0038

While chatting with Two Leggings (a Crow Indian) at the marina, Dad learned of a short hike to some amazing views of the canyon as well as a memorial of some kind.

IMG_0050 IMG_0047

And then we headed to the Yellowtail Dam but we weren’t able to go on it as they were afraid we might blow it up.  IMG_0058  Even from this angle it was pretty amazing.


We also took a short hour trip out of the canyon to go to the Little Big Horn National Monument to learn about Custer’s final stand.  It was a great tour and we learned a lot about how the white man tried to take the land from the Indians.  I wish we had more time there as I think we could of stayed for hours and hours.  I would recommend it to everyone.

IMG_1508 IMG_1509 IMG_1507

It was HOT in the canyon as well as Billings proper, which we stayed a couple of days waiting for Madi.  As much as I love Montana, I’m ready to head east into the Black Hills of South Dakota for a little cooler weather.

A little trivia for you… did you know that Billings is the largest city in Montana with only 100,000 people?  Hard not to love Montana, but I can imagine the winter isn’t as cozy….

No post would be complete without an adorable picture of me.  This was out our campsite with Harvey…I think there might have been some food involved.  🙂


On to South Dakota!!!!



Wide Open Spaces…that is Montana!

Montana reminds me of the Dixie Chicks song… “She needs wide open spaces, room to make her big mistakes…”  But just replace “She” with “Louie” and “her” with “him” and you’ve got a great song.  We’ve spent some great times here in Montana and haven’t even broke the surface of what we want to see.  After Idaho we headed towards Glacier park which was magnificent (or so mom says as her and dad took the Motorcycle thru there and left Lucy and I in the RV).  She took a few pictures to show me… (thanks a lot mom).

Glacier2 Glacier 1

From Glacier we headed down to Butte for a few days of camping in the mountains.  It was primitive camping and there were a ton of flies, mosquitoes and bees.   We were warned of bears but didn’t have any bear spray (yes, that’s a thing) but we braved the wild without it and survived (mom had her pepper spray with her).  Here are two pictures from our campsite…

ou IMG_1478

And one from a excursion to a lake…

IMG_1490  Who’s that handsome boy?  Oh, it’s me… 🙂

You will hear in later posts about our new home which we get on Monday.  Long story short, Harvey just ain’t gonna cut it so we get a new moving house to take the rest of the trip.  Thanks to Harvey to getting us to Montana…

“Harvey” the RV is fixed…let’s go to Odessa!

The RV finally got fixed and we so we trudged through the hot weather to Odessa, WA – our first stop, oh wait… our second stop!  Unfortunately we made it there in the evening and because of a brake scare (damn Harvey) we only stayed the night and headed out early in the morning.  Here’s a pic of the great sunset we saw in the skies over the primitive area in Odessa…



After Odessa we headed to Kingston ID on the Couer d’Alene river where Lucy and I swam to our hearts content and dad played the drums.  It was great but mom sucked and didn’t get any pictures…. Next day we headed to Sandpoint ID.  OMG, it was a beautiful and we made it to a brewery that served mom’s FAVORITE beer – Manny’s!   You hear that Aunt Kimmy???

Here’s where we stayed the night just north of Sandpoint at McArthur Lake… it was primitive and all ours for the night!

IMG_0068 IMG_0075 IMG_0059 IMG_0062 IMG_0065

Yes, that’s me with a ball!  ALWAYS

Now into MT which I’m sure we’ll have of pictures to show… we stopped on our way to Flathead lake and took a couple of pics, but more to come soon.

Hey look there’s Dad drumming on the side of the road… should we throw him a Quarter?

IMG_0090 IMG_0077 IMG_0078

Day 2 & 3… stuck in Ellensburg

It happens, and I guess it’s ok that it happened so quickly, but the RV or “home” as we call it started to overheat over the Snoqualmie pass.  So, we stopped in Ellensburg for the first couple of days and it hasn’t been bad.  We are staying next to the Yakima river and it’s a great place to cool down on very hot days… not used to it being THIS hot!  Here are a couple of pics from the last couple of days… cooling off in the river.  Throw me a stick (even a big one) and I’ll go in and get it!

Tomorrow the RV is fixed and we are moving on to parts unknown.  Another day, another adventure.  It’s great to enjoy the outdoors!  Can’t wait to see what is next!

Louie in the water Louie w big stick 2 Louie w big stick 3 Louie w big stick

Day 1… why is this thing moving?

We left Seattle today (July 8th)…it was a picture perfect day with the sun shining and all I wanted to do is run after a ball!  Instead we packed up the RV and hit the road.  Our plan was to leave Monday at 10am but instead we left at noon on Tuesday, I guess better late than never.  As all things happen, we didn’t end up exactly where we thought we would.  No worries, we don’t have any specific destinations instead just a few years of seeing the country.  So first stop… Ellensburg or a little out of it.  The wind is blowing, the sun is shining and I have my new family to enjoy it with.   Oh, and I barked and barked at the big ugly animals that mom calls “cows”.  They kept making funny noises… Lucy didn’t like them either.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my “going away” parties.  It was so good to see Uncle Ted, Auntie Kimmy & Uncle David one more time.  I’m sorry that I missed Uncle Tom (both of them), Erikkkkkk, Jeff, Paablo, Michella, Auntie Pat (love you), Juli and so many more.  You are all in my thoughts everyday.   Can’t wait to see you all again soon.   And I’ll post cool pictures soon.



It’s my birthday!!!!

It’s my birthday and time for a party!  It’s now terrible two time.  Happy birthday to my birthday buddy as well – Uncle Tom!


The family is packing up and getting ready to hit the open road in a few days and I’m excited not to have to go to daycare anymore!  A lot of preparation goes into figuring out what we can bring on the trip since we’ll have limited space, but I’m sure I’ll have a ball or two in my bag.  I’m looking forward to spending time with the family and seeing new and exciting places.  Ever hear of Mt. Rushmore?  First stop however is a sleepy small town in Eastern Washington called Odessa. We’ll be posting more often as we are looking forward to sharing our experiences with our family and friends!

A pic of me last year for my 1st b-day.  Wow how time flies…