Virginia and North Carolina… Great weather, and great beaches!

After traveling to the nations capitol, we headed south to Virginia.  It was a first to see a cotton field, I can honestly say I’ve never seen one before, but learned (from mom’s research) that a lot of states grow cotton, with Texas being the #1 US grower.

WP_20141029_002 WP_20141029_001

While in Virginia mom and dad took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  The township runs as if it was in the 1800’s with everything built within the city as it was done in OLDEN times!  🙂



The reading of the Declaration of Independence in progress.


Our next stop was Virginia Beach which was nice and warm for the most part, but there were a TON of stickers on the ground that kept getting stuck on my feet.  Luckily mom was there to pull them out, and I gave her a kiss each time she did.  She was a savior (bless her soul).

Heading south we made it to Durham NC to visit a friend of dad’s.  I loved where we stayed as there was a ton of hiking…and we all know how much I love to hike (and chase squirrels).


This is picture #5… mom kept moving me into the sunlight and I was tired of posing!


In Durham… taps outside – no beer coming from them, but they were still cool.


Sleeping at Paul’s while everyone watched the Seahawks beat the Giants.

From Durham we traveled even further south to Carolina Beach – near Wilmington.  We were once again blessed with great weather and enjoyed more hiking and even a day on the beach.

WP_20141112_006 WP_20141112_001

Mom and Dad took a trip to see Battleship NC on Veteran’s Day.


We’ve had a wonderful trip so far and been very lucky with the weather.  We are still headed south as the sun keeps calling our names.  I hear it’s almost freezing up there in Seattle these days… bring on more sunshine!

Maryland and DC

Our travels have taken us from Seattle to Maine, and now down the eastern coast.  We had a weekend stop in New Jersey and although it is known as the Garden State, it was not a favorite state of ours.  So we headed to Maryland where we stayed 20 miles from our nations capitol, but in the forest with plenty of hiking!


A swampy area on one of our hikes.


On one of the trails we hiked… there were squirrels there!


After one of our very long hikes… time for a nap.

Although I got a lot of walks in, the parents did leave us a couple of times to visit the busy city of DC.  There was so much to see and do and even a theme park to visit.  It was one of my favorite places so far.


The White House…


Stu staring at the Lincoln Memorial.


The Washington Monument.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire (kind of) and Maine OH MY!

Our travels have taken us all over the Northeast with a stop at Salisbury State Park on the coast of Massachusetts and 80 degree weather.  While mom and dad were busy riding the motorcycle someone forgot to take pictures of the beautiful sunny beach that we were on for 3 days.


We were 5 minutes from New Hampshire, so a nice ride along the coast took them to another state.  Also visited was the infamous Salem where witches were hanged because a couple of girls were acting strange.  What’s new?

From the shores of New Hampshire we headed north to Acadia National Park in Maine to spend a week hiking and seeing the lovely sites.  Mom and I took an 8 mile hike up Cadillac Mountain that had GORGEOUS views… or so she says.  I was too busy looking for squirrels to notice.


Colors galore…. so pretty


I was watching for squirrels in our campsite.


From our hike to Cadillac Mt… there has to be squirrels ahead.


More hiking… the Mt is rocky!


Colors mixed in with rock. Amazing.


A view of the ocean from atop the mountain.


Bahhh Hahbah…

All in all it was a great week in Maine.  There is so much to see, but we need to start heading south before the weather turns on us!  I hope to return here again someday as there are so many wonderful hikes and places to see!  Spectacular.  What’s next?

New York…New York

What do you think of when I say New York?  No we didn’t make it to the “Big Apple”, but instead went north to Niagara Falls!  The picture below is taken from the Canadian side ~ I’ve been to another country!  We walked across the bridge from Niagara Falls, NY to Niagara Falls Canada.  Magnificent!  It was a spectacular day with a lot of walking involved.





After leaving Niagara Falls we headed east to Verona State Beach Park which was on Oneida Lake.  We saw a wonderful sunset and went on some great hikes.  New York ain’t too bad!

IMG_1724 IMG_1746



Ohio Welcomes you… (or me)


Washington->Idaho->Montana->South Dakota->Iowa->Illinois->Indiana-> OHIO!!!!  We made it to state #8 on our journey.  The draw to Ohio was so that mom & dad could go to the amusement park Cedar Point.  There they rode a ton of rides while leaving Lucy and I at home.  Apparently there were a lot of very good rides, including one that is the 2nd tallest in the world – Top Thrill Dragster.

After staying in Sandusky for a few days we dropped the RV off for service and spent the day on the shores of Lake Erie.  How is it possible to have a lake this big????


We hiked around a bit and then headed to see the MarbleHead Lighthouse.  You wouldn’t normally see a lighthouse on a lake, but this lake is HUGE!

WP_20140915_003 WP_20140915_015

After picking up the RV we headed out to our new spot for the next few days.  Cuyahoga Valley National Park was our next destination.  It was a day of hiking to see waterfalls, rivers, ledges with bats, and of course SQUIRRELS!  I was able to chase a couple of them buggers, but not too far as they were faster than me.

IMG_0003 IMG_0007 IMG_0008

Ohio is much prettier than I expected.  We have had a good time and after mom & dad go to the NFL Hall of Fame and the Rock n’ Roll HOF we are hightailing it out of Ohio to Buffalo NY to visit the birthplace of Buffalo Wings, and to see Niagara Falls.  More adventure to come.

Illanoise…Land of Lincoln

Hello again!  For those of you complaining that I’m not updating quickly enough you have to know I’m a very busy dog… moving and shaking is what I do!  So you’all need to slow your roll and wait for my updates…This is what I’m doing now…



After the fun of South Dakota we spent some time in Iowa, but no pictures were taken.  Not even at the Sarver family reunion (G’ma’s family of a million).  We stayed at Auntie Joyces and had a great time with family.  Iowa brought many thundershowers and crazy downpours so we hightailed it out of there and headed to Illinois – land of Lincoln (Abe Lincoln for those who don’t know).  Our first stop was a must see Starved State Park.  It was beautiful, but unfortunately it is known for it’s million waterfalls that were completely dried up.  Still nice and a great 10 mile hike in the canyons.

IMG_1669 IMG_1668IMG_1676

Lucy and I kept up most of the way, but Lucy being 14 got VERY tired and Dad ended up carrying her up and down some of the stairs.  Still, it was not too humid and very scenic…




Hey that’s me at the bottom with glowing eyes!


Me and Lucy at one of our resting spots… Water please…





Chicago…looking at it from the Planetarium









After spending a couple of wonderful days in the middle of the state we had to head up to Chi-town.  OHHHHH that was not a fun drive, but we were able to see Lake Michigan which is huge!  Luckily the days we spent there were wonderful with 70 degree weather and very little humidity.  I could come to enjoy Chicago if it was like that all the time (and about 2 mil less people).

Our time has come to leave the great state of Illinois…on to Indiana!




Our last spot in South Dakota…. Hello Sioux Falls

Out of the crazy scary lands of the Badlands we headed southeast to Sioux Falls.  The city was small, but situated near the falls that it was named after.  I can honestly say that all of the parks that we went to in South Dakota were immaculate!  We loved them all.  But going to a park in the middle of the city that had falls in it was special.


IMG_1644  That’s me looking at the falls.  I know… it’s beautiful!!!!  We walked the park forward and backward and enjoyed it all!


IMG_1649 IMG_1654 IMG_1642 IMG_1658

Amazing…. it’s all that I can say.  We enjoyed Sioux Falls City as much as we could, but mom had trouble with the internet and ended up going to a Starbucks to work.  Yay for the Seattle based Starbucks (that cost an arm and a leg for a drink) as they saved the day.


Here’s one last picture of the falls with me and Lucy.  Such a wonderful day with the family… and then we headed to Iowa for a family reunion.  No pictures there ( no real reason), but next stop….Illinois!  State #6….more to come.


Bad, bad to the bone

We moved on from our wonderful spot near Pierre and actually back tracked to the Badlands in SD.  We couldn’t very well stay there when there were really bad thunderstorms, we would have washed away, I’m sure of it!  The Badlands were great as we were able to find a spot off the beaten path but right on the cliffs with only us and the beautiful scenery to see.




Mom was a little scared to have me so close to the cliff, but not me I knew I could handle it.  Although there we no trees to speak of, it was quite a beautiful site.



Even the parents got into the spirit of it….


IMG_0034 IMG_0063


We didn’t spend a lot of time in the Badlands, but enough to know that it was bad to the bone….

Now this is living… hanging in Cow Creek Recreation area (near Pierre)

After a terrifying night with thunder, lightening and pouring rain, we left Rapid City to head for Central South Dakota.  A new day, a new time zone.  As you can see below, I don’t like riding in Madi when she’s moving even if mom gives me motion sickness tablets.  Mom thought it was funny to take this picture of me on our trip over here.  At least someone was smiling.



After a short visit to Pierre (the capital of South Dakota with a whopping 14,000 people) we headed to our home for the next few days.  The campsite is out on the Missouri River (above the Oahe dam) and is far away from anyone.  It’s fantastic as we have lots of room to roam and our own access to the river, which is needed when it’s 90 degrees with 90% humidity.  I think we are going to love it here!

WP_20140815_014WP_20140815_005 WP_20140815_004


We’ve only been here a couple of hours, but I’ve already been swimming!

WP_20140815_009WP_20140815_012 WP_20140815_013 WP_20140815_007 WP_20140815_002 WP_20140815_006

I’ll be sure to update you on our next adventures – The Badlands, Corn Palace & Souix Falls.  Until then I’m going to go jump in the river and cool off!




Living in South Dakota

With Billings behinds us (finally), we boarded Madi (the new RV) and headed for South Dakota.  What a nice ride she is, there was no overheating and no chugging up the hills; just a smooth ride through Eastern Montana.  Our first stop in SD was Spearfish which was about 30 miles from our campground.  It was midnight and we were all tired so we stopped for the night…you guessed it, at WALMART!  We got up early the next day and headed to our home for the next 2 weeks – Mystic Hills campground just north of Deadwood.   I love this campground – they let us dogs roam free, and even better they put us away from everyone so we can stay outside without anyone bothering us.


I encountered more of those noisy cows on our walk… this time I stared them down until they ran away.  Silly cows.

unnamed SD3

Mom and Dad spent some time in Sturgis, which was about 30 miles from our campground.  They saw LOTS of motorcycles…I mean A LOT!  Mom got a new biker name… Vanilla Beyotch.



The parents also took a couple of other day trips without Lucy and I; Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower.  Again, thanks a lot for leaving us “kids” at home.  At least Madi is big and comfortable and air conditioned!


IMG_1577 IMG_1590

We are wrapping our time up here at Mystic Hills and moving on to The Badlands and eastern South Dakota before heading to Iowa (yeah, I said Iowa alright – family reunion time).  It has been great here and definitely on the short list of places we’d like to end up, granted we haven’t been here in the winter….brrr snow.   We hope our time in Eastern SD is just as great as the Western part.   Can’t wait to see what’s next.


IMG_1511 IMG_1512 IMG_1513