Billings… will we ever leave?

As it happens, Harvey is just not going to make the entire trip with us.  We finally found out the REAL issue, his engine just isn’t big enough for the rig and he’s not able to tow ANYTHING.  So we stopped in Billings, MT to find another rig to continue the journey…. everyone meet MADISON (or Madi for short).  IMG_1516  She’s a bit bigger than Harvey (34 ft vs. 29 ft) and she has slideouts to make the inside bigger!  We already love her.

Before we could take Madi home with us, Harvey took us on one last trip to Big Horn Canyon where we camped, swam, and hiked for 3 days.  We stayed in Crow Country (the Crow Indians) and learned a little about their culture while seeing some amazing sites.

IMG_0035 IMG_0038

While chatting with Two Leggings (a Crow Indian) at the marina, Dad learned of a short hike to some amazing views of the canyon as well as a memorial of some kind.

IMG_0050 IMG_0047

And then we headed to the Yellowtail Dam but we weren’t able to go on it as they were afraid we might blow it up.  IMG_0058  Even from this angle it was pretty amazing.


We also took a short hour trip out of the canyon to go to the Little Big Horn National Monument to learn about Custer’s final stand.  It was a great tour and we learned a lot about how the white man tried to take the land from the Indians.  I wish we had more time there as I think we could of stayed for hours and hours.  I would recommend it to everyone.

IMG_1508 IMG_1509 IMG_1507

It was HOT in the canyon as well as Billings proper, which we stayed a couple of days waiting for Madi.  As much as I love Montana, I’m ready to head east into the Black Hills of South Dakota for a little cooler weather.

A little trivia for you… did you know that Billings is the largest city in Montana with only 100,000 people?  Hard not to love Montana, but I can imagine the winter isn’t as cozy….

No post would be complete without an adorable picture of me.  This was out our campsite with Harvey…I think there might have been some food involved.  🙂


On to South Dakota!!!!




  1. Justin
    Aug 02, 2014 @ 02:03:05

    Bound for Bellevue mental hospital! Uncle Bill wants to know if your mommy taught you to quit licking your ass yet?

    • admin
      Aug 04, 2014 @ 00:11:18

      Ah kid… where’s your imagination? And watch the language on my blog… it’s PG here!

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