Living in South Dakota

With Billings behinds us (finally), we boarded Madi (the new RV) and headed for South Dakota.  What a nice ride she is, there was no overheating and no chugging up the hills; just a smooth ride through Eastern Montana.  Our first stop in SD was Spearfish which was about 30 miles from our campground.  It was midnight and we were all tired so we stopped for the night…you guessed it, at WALMART!  We got up early the next day and headed to our home for the next 2 weeks – Mystic Hills campground just north of Deadwood.   I love this campground – they let us dogs roam free, and even better they put us away from everyone so we can stay outside without anyone bothering us.


I encountered more of those noisy cows on our walk… this time I stared them down until they ran away.  Silly cows.

unnamed SD3

Mom and Dad spent some time in Sturgis, which was about 30 miles from our campground.  They saw LOTS of motorcycles…I mean A LOT!  Mom got a new biker name… Vanilla Beyotch.



The parents also took a couple of other day trips without Lucy and I; Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower.  Again, thanks a lot for leaving us “kids” at home.  At least Madi is big and comfortable and air conditioned!


IMG_1577 IMG_1590

We are wrapping our time up here at Mystic Hills and moving on to The Badlands and eastern South Dakota before heading to Iowa (yeah, I said Iowa alright – family reunion time).  It has been great here and definitely on the short list of places we’d like to end up, granted we haven’t been here in the winter….brrr snow.   We hope our time in Eastern SD is just as great as the Western part.   Can’t wait to see what’s next.


IMG_1511 IMG_1512 IMG_1513

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  1. Kim
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 02:12:49

    What is your biker name, Louie? Don’t forget about Nebraska on your way to Iowa!!

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