Maryland and DC

Our travels have taken us from Seattle to Maine, and now down the eastern coast.  We had a weekend stop in New Jersey and although it is known as the Garden State, it was not a favorite state of ours.  So we headed to Maryland where we stayed 20 miles from our nations capitol, but in the forest with plenty of hiking!


A swampy area on one of our hikes.


On one of the trails we hiked… there were squirrels there!


After one of our very long hikes… time for a nap.

Although I got a lot of walks in, the parents did leave us a couple of times to visit the busy city of DC.  There was so much to see and do and even a theme park to visit.  It was one of my favorite places so far.


The White House…


Stu staring at the Lincoln Memorial.


The Washington Monument.

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  1. Ted
    Nov 04, 2014 @ 23:38:33

    Hi Louie and Gang! I’m so glad you are having fun on your hikes and seeing some great scenery. Is Mom feeding you enough? Maybe I could sneak you a care package with some treats. How do I send you something? I can’t wait to see you in December if you decide to visit Florida!

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