Massachusetts, New Hampshire (kind of) and Maine OH MY!

Our travels have taken us all over the Northeast with a stop at Salisbury State Park on the coast of Massachusetts and 80 degree weather.  While mom and dad were busy riding the motorcycle someone forgot to take pictures of the beautiful sunny beach that we were on for 3 days.


We were 5 minutes from New Hampshire, so a nice ride along the coast took them to another state.  Also visited was the infamous Salem where witches were hanged because a couple of girls were acting strange.  What’s new?

From the shores of New Hampshire we headed north to Acadia National Park in Maine to spend a week hiking and seeing the lovely sites.  Mom and I took an 8 mile hike up Cadillac Mountain that had GORGEOUS views… or so she says.  I was too busy looking for squirrels to notice.


Colors galore…. so pretty


I was watching for squirrels in our campsite.


From our hike to Cadillac Mt… there has to be squirrels ahead.


More hiking… the Mt is rocky!


Colors mixed in with rock. Amazing.


A view of the ocean from atop the mountain.


Bahhh Hahbah…

All in all it was a great week in Maine.  There is so much to see, but we need to start heading south before the weather turns on us!  I hope to return here again someday as there are so many wonderful hikes and places to see!  Spectacular.  What’s next?

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