Ohio Welcomes you… (or me)


Washington->Idaho->Montana->South Dakota->Iowa->Illinois->Indiana-> OHIO!!!!  We made it to state #8 on our journey.  The draw to Ohio was so that mom & dad could go to the amusement park Cedar Point.  There they rode a ton of rides while leaving Lucy and I at home.  Apparently there were a lot of very good rides, including one that is the 2nd tallest in the world – Top Thrill Dragster.

After staying in Sandusky for a few days we dropped the RV off for service and spent the day on the shores of Lake Erie.  How is it possible to have a lake this big????


We hiked around a bit and then headed to see the MarbleHead Lighthouse.  You wouldn’t normally see a lighthouse on a lake, but this lake is HUGE!

WP_20140915_003 WP_20140915_015

After picking up the RV we headed out to our new spot for the next few days.  Cuyahoga Valley National Park was our next destination.  It was a day of hiking to see waterfalls, rivers, ledges with bats, and of course SQUIRRELS!  I was able to chase a couple of them buggers, but not too far as they were faster than me.

IMG_0003 IMG_0007 IMG_0008

Ohio is much prettier than I expected.  We have had a good time and after mom & dad go to the NFL Hall of Fame and the Rock n’ Roll HOF we are hightailing it out of Ohio to Buffalo NY to visit the birthplace of Buffalo Wings, and to see Niagara Falls.  More adventure to come.

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