Wide Open Spaces…that is Montana!

Montana reminds me of the Dixie Chicks song… “She needs wide open spaces, room to make her big mistakes…”  But just replace “She” with “Louie” and “her” with “him” and you’ve got a great song.  We’ve spent some great times here in Montana and haven’t even broke the surface of what we want to see.  After Idaho we headed towards Glacier park which was magnificent (or so mom says as her and dad took the Motorcycle thru there and left Lucy and I in the RV).  She took a few pictures to show me… (thanks a lot mom).

Glacier2 Glacier 1

From Glacier we headed down to Butte for a few days of camping in the mountains.  It was primitive camping and there were a ton of flies, mosquitoes and bees.   We were warned of bears but didn’t have any bear spray (yes, that’s a thing) but we braved the wild without it and survived (mom had her pepper spray with her).  Here are two pictures from our campsite…

ou IMG_1478

And one from a excursion to a lake…

IMG_1490  Who’s that handsome boy?  Oh, it’s me… 🙂

You will hear in later posts about our new home which we get on Monday.  Long story short, Harvey just ain’t gonna cut it so we get a new moving house to take the rest of the trip.  Thanks to Harvey to getting us to Montana…

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  1. Kim
    Jul 25, 2014 @ 19:25:04

    What a beautiful place to camp!! Louie, you lucky dog! Mommy must be in country heaven right now. Does the Harvey replacement have a name?

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